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Is Smoking Heroin Addictive?

Yes! Using heroin in any form is highly addictive.

When it comes to smoking heroin, it is explicitly very addictive. This is because inhaling gets the drug straight into the bloodstream and into the brain. This is attractive to users because it can get the high there faster and make it stronger.

It’s possible to become addicted to heroin just from the first use though it usually does take a few times of course. Smoking heroin can be awful for your health overall, and we are going to take a look at why.

What Does Smoking Heroin Do To You?

When you smoke heroin, you are burning the drug and breathing in the fumes or vapors. This means it gets in contact with your lungs. From the lungs, it moves to the arteries then to the bloodstream and then to the brain where it likes to make all its little tweaks and changes.

People might start using heroin by smoking it or snorting it because they falsely believe it is safer or less addictive. That isn’t true. Smoking heroin is quite similar in effect to when it is injected if you can believe it.

Does Smoking Heroin Get You High?

Yes, like all forms of using drugs smoking it is meant to get you high.

Heroin likes to attach itself to receptors in your brain and then trick them into releasing dopamine. Dopamine is the feel-good chemical that your brain naturally produces as a reward so that you feel good when you do certain things. This can include a good deed, eating tasty food, or something obvious like sex.

So this release of dopamine caused by the heroine is a euphoric high that is better than the brain can give you naturally. Heroin also is used for pain relief, so it has that added benefit for some people.

Of course, people who are using heroin consistently are “chasing the high” this means they are continually trying to get high. The problem is their body has built tolerance, so they need more and more heroin to get the high they so badly want.

Is Smoking Heroin Bad For You?

Yes, smoking heroin is indeed bad for you. It is a drug that can affect your health and body and do significant amounts of damage over time that is irreversible. This is why it shouldn’t be smoked or used in any form.