Heroin Addiction While Pregnant

Being pregnant means that your baby receives everything that you put into your body, including drugs. Heroin is an opiate drug that affects your brain and body, and it can end up causing severe health problems. These health problems include:

–    Chronic constipation.

–    Collapsed veins.

–    Depression.

–    Deterioration of white matter in the brain.

–    Diminished sex drive.

–    Heart infections.

–    Hepatitis.

–    HIV.

–    Infertility.

–    Kidney disease.

–    Lack of stress-control skills.

–    Liver disease.

–    Miscarriage.

–    Pulmonary infections.

–    Skin infections.

Problems In Pregnancy

Heroin definitely causes issues if you are using while pregnant. It can harm the unborn baby. You can even give the baby withdrawal if you are using on and off and can cause problems with their placenta.

Other risks include:

–    Congenital disabilities: drug use can cause problems that appear at birth. They can be changes in the shape or use of the body and health of the baby.

–    Fetal convulsions: cause the babies to have seizures after birth.

–    Low birth weight: this is when the baby is born and weighs less than 5 pounds and 8 ounces.

–    Neonatal abstinence: causing the baby to go through withdrawal after birth because it is no longer getting the drug it needed/

–    Placental abruption: this is when the placenta moves and is no longer attached to the uterus. It can cause bleeding and not give baby enough oxygen and cause fetal death.

–    Preterm labor: they drug use can mess with hormones and cause you to go into labor before the baby is finished developing.

–    Stillbirth: this is when the baby dies in the womb after 20 weeks so is born dead.

–    Sudden infant death syndrome: SIDS is a huge risk for babies that were exposed to alcohol in utero. This is when a baby dies before they are 1 year old for seemingly no reason.

Infant Withdrawal

Having a baby born going through is one of the more obvious and serious side effects of using heroin while pregnant. It can cause a lot of unpleasant symptoms for the baby.

Withdrawal symptoms include:

–    Blotchy skin coloring (mottling).

–    Diarrhea.

–    Excessive crying or high-pitched crying.

–    Excessive sucking.

–    Fever.

–    Hyperactive reflexes.

–    Increased muscle tone.

–    Irritability.

–    Poor feeding.

–    Rapid breathing.

–    Seizures.

–    Sleep problems.

–    Slow weight gain.

–    Stuffy nose, sneezing.

–    Sweating.

–    Trembling (tremors).

–    Vomiting.