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All About Heroin Addiction

Heroin is an opiate drug that can cause addiction very easily. Opiates are derived from morphine which is pulled from the poppy plant. These types of drugs are potent painkillers that are often used to treat chronic or intense pain. They work very well.

When it comes to heroin addiction for many people, it starts as an addiction to morphine after they have had an accident. They end up turning to heroin because it is cheaper and just more accessible because it is sold on the street.

Heroin is the kind of drug that talks to the neurotransmitters in the brain and gets it to produce more dopamine. Dopamine is a naturally occurring brain chemical that produces pleasure which comes from anything that can make you feel good. That is part of what makes heroin so addictive because it gives strong sensations of pleasure.

Trying heroin just once can cause one in four people to become addicted because it is just that intense.

This whole tricky business with the neurotransmitters can quickly trick the brain into forgetting how to produce dopamine itself and making it think that it can’t produce it without the drug anymore. This is the brain being dependent on the drug especially to feel pleasure, which can make everything seem dull and depressing when someone is not using heroin.

Withdrawal symptoms are also common when someone has become addicted to drugs. When the body uses a drug regularly then over time, it grows tolerant to it which means it needs more drugs to get the same high that you want. So then you’re putting more drugs into your system.

Since your body think it needs the drugs it goes through withdrawal when you aren’t using which can be uncomfortable and painful symptoms. These can make it harder for a person to quit and far more likely to relapse.

Signs of addiction to heroin include:

–    Building a tolerance to heroin

–    Continuing use despite heroin-related problems

–    Experiencing withdrawal or feeling “junk sick”

–    Having persistent cravings

–    Trying and failing to quit or cut down use

Injecting heroin can be a strong sign that the addiction to it is getting stronger and a little crazy. This is because there are a lot more dangers associated with it. Heroin might have started as an easy way to let loose or have fun but now it is a constant need and addiction.

Heroin comes in a few different forms which include a white powder, a brown powder, and a black tarry like substance. White heroin is the purest form of heroin.

The initial high of heroin use is the obvious hallmark of it. But there are also other side effects of using heroin. Side effects include:

–    Reduced anxiety

–    Relieved tension

–    Drowsiness

–    Apathy

It is possible to overdose on heroin, which is when you take more of the drug than your body can handle. This causes your body to go into shock and can be fatal.